Chatziaggelidis Iordanis


At age of fourteen I began working with my parents at our stores and international exhibitions; We own a wholesale and retail proprietary brand of woman clothing with retail chain shops and showrooms. Mary Lides Co.
I decided to go to medical school in Italy, (opposing my parents “decision” to be an architeckt, as many of my family members are) at the University of Bologna, where they teach for the last 1000 years the hardway, where I completed all my basic science medical classes. I needed to move back to Greece to be closer to my family, where I assisted with my technical, organizational and computer problem solving skills. Thus, I transferred to the University of Crete medical school thru a competivive process where I completed my studies. I was placed in a waiting list to start my residency in Ophthalmology, at the specialized Ophthalmiatrion Athens Eye Hospital, one of the oldest in Europe (established in 1843). In the mean time, I worked for my family business as an international buyer, travelling all over Asia, for product quality control and sample approval, while I was studing and waiting my turn for starting the residency in ophthalmology. As a resident , I was always happy to examine patients even after hours , and always prompt to help my collegues in other departments , when needed.


I began using PCs at the age of 8, with the legendary Amstrad 6128, where I preferred “playing” with LOGO and GWBasic rather than games. I Composed my first pc from parts at the age of 14. Since then i use technology in everyday clinical practice, from EMRs(Electronic Medical Records ) , to PIM ( Personal Information Managers ) and e-Books on clinical yards. My personal milestone was the development of DataEye, a custom made EMR under GNU(Open) license , from the experience obtained during my pre-residency attachment at University Hospital “Atticon” under the supervision of Prof. Vergados. I recently brought the DataEye to the iOS (Apple iPad & iPhone ) platform. I created many databases for use in everyday practice from operations logbooks to Laser ( YAG , PRP ) logbooks. I concived, constructed and patetent a remote controlled slit lamp, as a response to the needs of the Greek Islander population. I made other inventions in an effort to increase the services provided to the patients.


I grew up in Athens Greece, treveling a lot with my family for business worldwide., from small industrial villages of China , to the 5th Ave of New York. I lived four years in Italy, six months in Spain. Since 2006, I have spent almost a year and half in China. As a resident in a specialized hospital I had the opportunity to examine great variation of the Greek population, from Politicians, Bussinesmen and Entrepranuers to very old islanders, chronic unemployed and immigrants. I recognize the universal human need for healthcare, expectations of patients regarding service providers and the variations in practice among varius cultures and social classes.


I have a natural tendancy to simplify and optimize operations. I always try to find the most cost effective solution to problems. I have a scientific approach to problems , supporting my opinions with the latests trends in Operations Managent , Organizational Behavior, Finance & Accounting, Service Marketing and in Ophthalmology. I acquired this theoritical knowledge at the Univeristy of Liverpool Profesional on line MBA , and i had the opprtunity to implement the theory at a real world productive environment and in my hospital.


I do not have illusive expectations regarding the proffesion of Ophtlamology. Profit was never my consultant. All I want is to provide the best services to my patients.

Vision for me, is the most advanced and elaborate biological system, a interface between life as a form of existence and the universe.
I have an intrisicate admiral for the people with acquired vision problems and impaired vision that continue to live their lifes, and I want to support them with all my scientific weaponry.

personal statement
“information should be transparent… like the cornea”.

“the only I , i like , is Eye”


USA, Chicago, Northwestern University, Research Associate in Medical Retina, March – August 2015.

Greece, Ophthalmiatreion , Athens Eye Hospital , Residency in Ophthalmology , July 2010 – February 2015.

France, Paris, Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology, FEBO, May 2014.

UK, University of Liverpool, Laureate On Line Education, Executive MBA, July 2006 – in pause.

Greece, University of Crete, School of Medicine. Diploma in Medicine, grade “Very Good”, November 2003.

Italy, University of Bologna, School of Medicine and Surgery. Basic Medical Courses, 1995-1998.

Work Experience

Private Practice “iC Today”

“Ophthalmiatreion” Athens Eye Hospital est. 1843, Residency in Ophthalmology. July 2010 – January 2015.

Mary Lides Group of Companies, Athens. CTO, IT & Operations Manager. March 2006 – March 2010.

University Hospital “Attikon”, Athens. Attachment at the Department of Ophthalmology. Responsible Prof. I. Vergados. March 2005 – March 2006.

Hellenic Army Medical Corp. One year compulsory service. 2004.

University Hospital of Crete, Senior House Officer. February 2002-June 2003.

University Hospital of Valencia, Spain, ERASMUS, Dept. of Internal Medicine, House Officer. September 2001 – January 2002


  • Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology FEBO
  • Member of American Academy of Ophthalmology AAO
  • Member of European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery ESCRS
  • Member of International Society of Refractive Surgery ISRS
  • Member of European VitreoRetinal Society EVRS
  • Full Registration with GMC, UK.
  • Full Registration with the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare
  • Full Registration with The Steering Committee of Swiss Federal Medical Examinations

Continued Medical Education

  • 2014 AAO Meeting Chicago , IL. , USA
  • 47th Panhellenic Congress of Ophthalmology, 20-23rd May 2014
  • 24th International Congress of the Hellenic Society of Intraocular Implant & Refractive Surgery, February 20-23rd, 2014, Athens.
  • 18th ESCRS Winter Meeting, 14-16 February 2014, Ljubljana , Slovenia.
  • 1st Eastern European Ophthalmic Summer Academy, 5-day Wet Lab course in Advanced Anterior Segment Surgery, 11-15th September 2013
  • 3rd International Vitreoretinal Summer School, 5-day Vitreoretinal Wet Lab Course, 18-22nd June 2013
  • 46th Panhellenic Congress of Ophthalmology, 23-22th May 2013
  • 23rd International Congress of the Hellenic Society of Intraocular Implant & Refractive Surgery, February 28-March 3th 2012, Athens.
  • XXX Congress of ESCRS, 8-12th September 2012, Milan, Italy.
  • 45th Panhellenic Congress of Ophthalmology, 24-27th May 2012
  • 44th Panhellenic Congress of Ophthalmology, 18-22th May 2011
  • XXIV Congress of ESCRS, 9-13th September 2006, London, UK.
  • 13th International Congress of the Hellenic Society of Glaucoma, 17-18th March 2006, Athens
  • 20th International Congress of the Hellenic Society of Intraocular Implant & Refractive Surgery, February 2-5th 2006, Athens.
  • 1st Greek Vitreo Retinal Meeting, January 13-14th 2006, Athens.
  • Basic Sciences Course for Ophthalmologists, December 12-16th 2005 City University London, UK.
  • 103rd Deutsche Ophtalmologische Gesellschaft & 15th Societas Ophtalmologica Europaea Joint Meeting, “Basic Sciences and Clinical Application”, September 25-29th, 2005 Berlin.
  • Institute of Vision and Optics IVO, and University of Crete “Aegean Retina IX”. July 1-3rd, 2005 Heraklion, Crete.
  • Institute of Vision and Optics IVO, and University of Crete, “4th Aegean Summer School in visual optics”, June 20-July 1st, 2005. Heraklion, Crete.
  • ISRS/AAO 2005, Asian Joint Meeting “Emerging Trends in Refractive and Cataract Surgery”, May 14-16th , 2005 Hong Kong, China.
  • 31th International Congress of the Hellenic Society of Intraocular Implant & Refractive Surgery, March 2-5th 2017, Athens.
  • 2016 AAO Meeting, Chicago, 14-18th October 2016 49thPanhellenicCongressofOphthalmology,26-28th May2016
  • 20th ESCRS Winter Meeting, 26-28 February 2016, Athens , Greece.




iBook Author
OSX / Server
Windows Server
Server Hardware
Networks / Security / VPNs


Music; Saxophone and Trumpet
Clasic Cars; Participating in Rallys with a MGA MkI 1956
Seamanship ;Motor Yachting , Scuba diving
Recreational Aviation; Cessna 152

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